Mobile Applications-Customized Software-POS Services

2Brothers Production is designing a mobile application which is to be soon released in US market and later in India. TMT is one of the home products. We are curious to create more of mobile applications and working towards it. User experience and user interface is also which we dwell into make sure, the application is interesting to attract users

We are also into making of customised software. 2Brothers Production has designed and created a 3D designing software for the architectural and interior designing purpose. We are keen on creating more of such software as per the needs of the clients.

We also provide POS Services which exist between the merchant and a customer when a product of service is purchased, usually the end of a transaction. We add our POS service with our product at lesser cost.

2Brothers Production as per your needs, create interactive applications and software. The following are the services we provide:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Customized Software
  • POS Services